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Do you know who is towing your vehicle?

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Road Salt and Your Vehicle

This winter was especially tough on vehicles. Salt and chemicals used to keep the roads safe for driving take a toll on vehicles. These chemicals are highly corrosive and it’s not just the body of the vehicle that suffers. Brake

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Winter and Snow Emergency Parking Bans

PLEASE don’t risk getting your vehicle towed for violating winter and snow emergency parking bans! The staff at Newburyport Towing would like to reminder drivers that most local cities and towns have Winter Parking Bans and/or Snow Emergency Parking Bans

Protect 2 Stroke Engines

It’s not often that we endorse a product but this one deserves kudos. Since ethanol has been added to gasoline, engines have been under siege especially 2 stroke engines commonly used in lawnmowers, snowmobiles, weed trimmers, etc. The reason ethanol

Calling All Classic Car Enthusiasts

The 2013 Classic Car calendars have arrived. The 2013 calendar features such classics as the 1948 Tucker, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1932 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron, 1963 Chevrolet Corvette and many more classic cars. Click here to sign up for our quarterly

Preventative Maintenance 101 – Timing Belt Trauma

Last week one of our regular customer’s vehicle made the trip to our shop on the back of a Newburyport Towing tow truck. Why? Because the customer ignored the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and neglected to have the timing belt