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12 Point Spring Car Care CheckWinter car Care Special

Our technicians will:

1.  Check Battery and Charging System by load testing the battery and alternator. Starting your vehicle in any weather requires a healthy battery and charging system.

2.  Check the condition of the Battery Cables and Terminals. A poor connection, corrosion or a frayed cable can result in starting and charging system problems.

3.  Inspect Alternator and Serpentine Belts for cracks or fraying.

4.  Visually inspect Cooling System Hoses for leaks, cracks or loose clamps and check for any that may be brittle or excessively spongy feeling and in need of replacement.

5.  Check Tire Type, Wear Pattern and Tread Depth. If any tire has less than 3/32-inches of tread, it should be replaced. Uneven wear on the tires can indicate alignment, suspension or wheel balance problems.

6.  Check Tire Pressure for proper tire pressure levels. Tire pressure fluctuates with temperature changes.

7.  Check the Engine Air Filter. A dirty air filter can result in decreased fuel mileage and reduced engine efficiency.

8.  Check the Coolant Level and coolcant’s cold weather hardiness.  We’ll check the temperature level of your antifreeze protection.

9.  Check the operation of the following: Headlights, Taillights, Emergency Flashers, Turn Signals, Brake Lights and Back-Up Lights.

10. Inspect the Wiper Blades. Worn wiper blades can impair driving visibility during rain storms.

11. Check the Windshield Washer Fluid reservoir level. Never fill with just water, it freezes. Windshield washer fluid is designed to not freeze.

12. Check Transmission, Brake and Power Steering Fluids level to ensure they are at or above the minimum safe levels.